Chip - Retrogasm 2018
Piotr dziubek screenshot010
Piotr dziubek screenshot010 copy
Piotr dziubek screenshot011
Piotr dziubek screenshot013
Piotr dziubek screenshot012
Piotr dziubek screenshot014
Piotr dziubek screenshot009
Piotr dziubek chip low outfit albedo copy
Piotr dziubek chip body albedo copy
Piotr dziubek chip eyes albedo

Total triangles: 26.694
2x 2k textures(body, outfit)
1x 512 texture(eyes)

My submission or Retrogasm 2018, This character was lots of fun as it was basically journey through my childhood memories as 'Chip and Dale' was one of my favorite games on Pegasus(kind of NES for non-western bunch). With Chip I decided to leave my comort zone and jump to explore artstyle which i was completely unfamilar with, it has certainly taught me plenty and I'd like to leave big thanks for Troy and Layna for hosting this amazing competition.